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Triton T90 SR - Silent Running - Pumped & Heated

Awash with silence, the T90SR is Ireland's first silent running pumped electric shower, perfectly suited for use with low pressure water systems.

  • So quiet that when the water is running you won’t hear the pump
  • 9.0kW power rating for higher flow rates.
  • Ideal solution for stud walls which are more susceptible to vibration & noise transmission.
  • Integrated pump boosts the water pressure of low pressure gravity fed supplies.
  • Easy prime pump allows water flow without the need to operate the pump.
  • Easily replaces older T90 models - Uses the same dimensions (footprint) and fixing points.
  • 2 year guarantee 

Need help installing? - See video at bottom of page

This shower just needs a cold water feed going into it, as it has a built in heater.   If you have an old T90 shower, this one will easily fit in its place, as it it the same size, and same fixings.   Most Popular.


Triton AS2000 XT Shower Ashbourne Meath

Triton AS2000 XT - Pumped - Uses your heating system water

This thermostatically controlled shower is suitable for low pressure systems and delivers a flow rate of up to 14 litres of beautifully warm water per minute. The mixer and pump system is housed in a pristine white fascia and paired with a white/chrome riser rail and handset, to blend with any style of bathroom.

  • Thermostatic peace of mind
  • Automatic shutdown safety feature should either the hot or cold water supplies fail
  • Adjustable maximum temperature stop to reduce the risk of accidentally turning the temperature too high
  • Start/ stop push button to select your favourite shower setting every time
  • Rub clean shower head with five spray patterns

This shower needs a a hot and cold water feed going into it, as it has no built in heater.   You will need to have your heating system or immersion on, to have hot water in your tank.


Triton Shower Head Ashbourne Meath

Triton Shower Heads

Our shower heads are exceptional value for money, striking the perfect balance between style, quality and price.   They all feature a standard fitting, allowing you to simply remove your existing shower head and screw a new Triton shower head onto your hose.   Furthermore, most of our shower heads feature rub clean nozzles for easy cleaning and offer up to five different spray patterns.


Triton Fixed Shower Head Ashbourne Meath

Triton Fixed Shower Heads

Our fixed shower heads come in all shapes, sizes and colours to match your design and budget requirements.   Each comes with a standard ball joint fitting and can be used with either a wall-mounted or a ceiling-mounted shower arm.   The ball joint fitting also allows the angle of the head to be adjusted once it’s secured to the shower arm, to allow you to direct the water to the most comfortable position.   A suitable fixed shower head is critical to the safe performance of your shower and you can rest assured that you are ordering a genuine Triton fixed shower head which is tested and optimised for use with your Triton shower.


Triton Shower Hose Ashbourne Meath

Triton Shower Hose - Do not use imitations

Replacing your shower hose can add that sparkle back to your shower.   Our shower hoses are robust and durable.   Best of all, our shower hoses are all ‘anti-twist’ and available for next working day delivery.   Fitting a branded shower hose is critical to the safe performance of your shower, especially if you have an electric shower.   Because an electric shower heats internally the incoming water, some hoses are too restrictive or can be kinked or twisted, resulting in a build- up of potential hot water which could, under pressure, be unexpectedly released.


Triton Shower Kits Ashbourne Meath

Triton Shower Kits

Straight or curved?  Chrome or white?   Value for money or premium?   Our full shower kits come in a range of styles to meet any requirements and budgets.   Each kit comes with everything you need, a shower head, hose and rail, to refresh the look of your shower.   Fitting the correct type of shower head or hose is critical to the safe performance of your shower, especially if you have an electric shower.   Some shower heads are only suitable for use on mixer showers as the flow of water from them can be restricted or stopped completely, which can result in a build- up of potential hot water which could, under pressure, be unexpectedly released.   You can therefore rest assured when you order a genuine Triton electric shower head or hose that it has been fully tested for use in the UK on all electric shower types.


Triton Shower Rail Ashbourne Meath

Triton Shower Rails

Are you revamping your bathroom and need a new shower riser rail?   Looking for a new shower riser rail with adjustable brackets to fit with existing rail fixing holes?   Our range offers great quality and exceptional value for money, with riser rails to suit all requirements, styles and budgets.


Triton Shower Arm Ashbourne Meath

Triton Shower Arms

Suitable for mixer showers, we have shower arms of different lengths, shapes and positions to suit your bathroom’s fixed shower head fitting.   Choose from a ceiling or wall mounted shower arm, with wall mounted solutions suitable for hidden (behind the wall) or exposed pipework as required.


Triton Shower Handset Holder Ashbourne Meath

Triton Shower Head (handset) holder

We offer shower head (handset) holders in a variety of styles and fittings to suit your current shower kit.


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